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on Apr 20, ‵15

Sunday Style It was a pretty lovely Sunday afternoon yesterday. We started out having brunch for […]

on Apr 14, ‵15

keep it clean Summer makeup can be tricky especially down here in Dallas. The heat can […]

on Apr 8, ‵15

mixing of modern trends The crop top is hanging around for spring and summer. As an […]

on Apr 7, ‵15

obsessed I don’t really like mascara. I don’t like that it can be so messy, look […]

on Mar 24, ‵15

why??? It’s that time of year again. The bathing suit body prep has already taken hold […]

on Mar 23, ‵15

inspired Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good copy? I mean, yes, sometimes it’s nice […]

on Mar 5, ‵15

flashback My mom always had me on the cutting edge of fashion. I was usually one […]

on Feb 26, ‵15

Done? I feel like all I see these days are deep-V cleavage baring tops and dresses. […]

on Feb 10, ‵15

think warm thoughts I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I LOVE blush. It’s a […]

on Feb 13, ‵14

sun-kissed Some of you have had it with the cold weather, and are looking forward to […]