on Apr 28, ‵15 in designers

Save The wedge sandal has become the Summer everything shoe. I think because it gives height […]

on Apr 17, ‵15 in style solutions

hmmm Really? I mean … I guess if I were carrying a Celine bag and it […]

on Apr 9, ‵15 in trends

all day long Right on target. This shoe exemplifies everything that I want to create for […]

on Mar 17, ‵15 in designers

Seriously Summer The second I saw these in Palm Beach last week I was like … […]

on Feb 24, ‵15 in trends

Ripped to Perfection There is absolutely an age range for ripped jeans. I’m not saying the […]

on Feb 18, ‵15 in trends

DWP The jogger has been climbing its way up the fashion ladder for over a year […]

on Feb 17, ‵15 in designers

Spring In Each season that goes by I love Clover Canyon’s prints even more. They are […]

on Feb 11, ‵15 in trends

move over gladiator I’m officially over the gladiator … for now. I did the tall gladiator […]

on Mar 20, ‵14 in trends

inspired I haven’t been writing lately because I haven’t been inspired by what is out there […]

on Feb 12, ‵14 in designers

iconic Nicole Richie has gone from white trash to style icon. It’s hard to believe this […]