on Mar 20, ‵14 in trends

inspired I haven’t been writing lately because I haven’t been inspired by what is out there […]

on Feb 12, ‵14 in designers

iconic Nicole Richie has gone from white trash to style icon. It’s hard to believe this […]

on Jan 31, ‵14 in designers

Sporty Sometimes it’s nice to go beyond the yoga wear. Anatomie has pieces that wear well […]

on Dec 5, ‵13 in designers

the hunt is over I’m always looking for the perfect overall black skirt, and I think […]

on Dec 4, ‵13 in designers

For Him Is there anything sexier than a well dressed man? It doesn’t really even matter […]

on Oct 29, ‵13 in trends

She’s Baack After considering ways to take Gift Girl to the next level, I’m excited to […]

on Sep 26, ‵13 in designers

Phillip Lim It’s rare that I actually have my Fall boots in hand this early in […]

on Aug 9, ‵13 in designers

sexy vs. sensible When it comes to bras, pretty doesn’t always equal comfortable. Who doesn’t like […]

on Aug 8, ‵13 in trends

RHOBH I’m not going to lie, I rediscovered the Hermes H belt when I saw Yolanda […]

on Aug 7, ‵13 in designers

absolutely fabulous Every woman needs a great tote. I know a lot of women die for […]