Boots for fall 2013

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Fall Boots

complete collection

I have to admit, I already have a pretty great boot collection. So this year I’m looking for something a little different.

I wear jeans all the time. I need a boot to work well with my everyday look. The 10 Crosby Derek Lam boots above remind me of Farrah. I think they will look great with jeans, sweaters, silk blouses, wool overcoat – etc.

Boots that are still big this year

2.Wedge – to the knee or low

10 Crosby Derek Lam

Chloe boots

The Chloe boot above is sporty chic. I imagine them at a football game with an oversized cashmere cardigan.

Chloe Boot

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  • Leslie Walker

    Jean, I know that this post is not about your “Hiatus” post but I just have to say that I read that last week and decided to come back to post about what you said about your step kids and their summer stay with you. I noticed that your post titled “Hiatus” was removed as well it should have been. Guess someone explained to you how you came off. So, I was forced to post my thoughts under your titled Boots. Were you not aware of your husbands three children when you accepted their father to be your husband? Were you not aware of the summer visitation schedule? And your post about not getting paid enough to do the “job.” That job my dear is called motherhood. And those of us whom are not lucky enough to have that job, would kill for it. You should be ashamed of the things you said about those children. You came off as a very selfish bi**h and if I was your husband I would make sure you were a single lady by this time next year. Sorry but after thinking about this all weekend, I just had to put this out there. What if those children read that post, what if your own children read that post? I had been a fan of your fashion sense, but unfortunately you have no common sense. I will not be returning. Leslie.

  • Alison

    Holy cow, that’s pretty judgmental. Frankly, I found it refreshing to see a woman being honest and human for three seconds. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I am saying that it is nice to see something that’s not entirely flawless, because that’s life and everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes. Fashion and perfect clothes can have a way of making people seem a bit Stepford and inaccessible. Adding a bit of personal life and reality to the blog makes it BETTER in my opinion, and makes people with great clothes seem a little less intimidating. Let’s allow some humanity in here, and also, how about we be a little more gentle with each other please.

  • Alison

    Moreover, I think anyone who claims never to have felt this way (even about very dearly loved family members) is full of baloney. I’m not sure it’s reasonable for women to be forced constantly to internalize such feelings; it’s not good for them, and it’s not good for other women who may feel isolated in feeling the same way.