in the shade – get your hat on!

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Game Day Hats

Game Day

The sun is already super hot in Dallas. It would only take one day to derail all the skin-recovery you’ve done through the winter. It almost happened to me on Sunday. I was at my son’s baseball game when I realized the sun was blazing. I was NOT prepared. Luckily, I found a tree to sit under before the sun melted my face off. So … in the future I’m leaving a hat in my car. Plus, of course, lathering on sunblock (more than SPF 15!) as part of my daily regimen.

Deciding what hat to wear outside of the beach or pool can be tricky. You have to go for more protection than a baseball hat. You’re simply not going to get the coverage you need from a baseball hat! You need a wider brim to shade your face entirely from the sun. I like the look of the Michael Stars blue stripe hat. It’s a bit more sporty looking than other wide brim hats.

Hats Above

San Diego Hat Company Hat $42
Adidas Hat With Yellow Tie

Beach Hats

By The Beach

For the beach I love the look of a natural straw hat. It’s more earthy, and blends easily with your surroundings.

Hats Above

Echo Designs Hat With Black Detail
Theodora & Callum Cowboy Straw Hat
Rachel Zoe Straw Hat with Belt

Poolside Hats


Sitting by the pool, go for some color and a little more glamour. Keep in mind – you want it to work well with your suits. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, but it should be in the same family.

Hats Above

Rachel Zoe Black Stripe Hat $68
Kate Spade Hat with Scarf $88
Echo Design White & Black Hat $58
Forever 21 Hat $12