capri sandals – so right now!

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Custom Made

I feel like I’m always showing you “the look for less”, but today I want to show you “the best of the best”.

Sometimes seeing the best can inspire a look, a feel, or even a better “look for less”.

Capri sandals are hot right now. It’s all about jewelry for your feet, in the most decadent way.

Why buy a custom capri sandal?
Because you usually get what you pay for. These sandals are hand crafted. Each pair is made to order, making each pair unique. The structure of the sandal is solid, and will last for many years. They are hand sewn, not glued like so many of the cheaper versions. They use stones that resemble the pebbles you’ll see on the beach, or gems that reflect the glorious colors of the island. Women like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy were among the many who adored these sandals.



One os the Island’s best sandal shops. Click here – Tuccia Di Capri

capr sandals

CANFORA – The Story …

It was the year 1946, the war had only just ended, and Capri was, once again, inundated with travelers arriving from every corner of the globe: royals, artists, intellectuals, and actors, all of whom shared the same desire to enjoy life like never before. Just a few years later, the economic boom exploded and Capri became the heart of the Dolce Vita and an obligatory port of call for members of the Italian star system.

This said, in the late 1940’s, Capri’s economy was still based almost entirely on fishing and there were only a very few hotels on the island. Opposite the most important of these, the historic Grand Hotel Quisisana, my grandfather, Amedeo Canfora decided to open a sandal shop. A modest little shop, with a workbench on which to make his sandals, walls hung with soles and costume jewelry, and shelves filled with books in which the measurements of the most important regular clients were recorded and carefully conserved.

Within no time at all word reached the mainland that Canfora’s sandals were the finest of all those made on the island of Capri: being both the most beautiful and durable. Soraya, Princess Margaret, Maria Callas and Grace Kelly were among the first famous clients to purchase a pair of Canfora’s made-to-measure sandals…. And yet, whether she was a crowned princess or a modest maid, my Grandfather treated all his customers with the very same discretion and devotion.
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