Reluctantly – Valentine’s Day Picks

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valentines day picks

The Goods

Eberjey Nightie – Sexy without being obvious or gross.
Three J NYC Pj’s – A nod to Valentine’s Day but will work for everyday.
Target Heart Shaped Hoops – Just cute!
Stila Valentine’s Day Cheeks – Pop in some flsuhed flirty cheeks.

The Great Let-Down

Every year I semi-bash Valentine’s Day, because it’s usually such an enormous let down for a lot of women. We’re expecting our men to lavish us, and ravish us. Truth is ladies, they’re just not capable of knowing what the heck to do. Unfortunately, way too many men wait till the actual day, run into the nearest florist or grocery store and buy the obligatory roses or box of chocolates. YAWN!

If you’re lucky enough to get the guy that thinks ahead, or plans a salacious evening filled with selfless acts – live it up. The rest of us will be downing chocolate, watching Scandal, and putting on our best “Honey thanks for the flowers” face.

The Chocolate REport

The Back-up Plan

I’m a Godiva girl, but there are a lot of interesting chocolates out there to try. Idea: make Valentine’s evening a taste test night. Enjoy all the best sweets, food, and wine. Celebrate yourself! That’s my Valentine Day advice. XO

The Chocolates

Vosges Chocolates – Haute Chcocolate – each piece is an experience!
Dude Sweet Chocolate – definitely worth a try!
Sees Candy – some people swear by this candy.
Godiva – I can’t help it … I love these. My dad used to bring them home for me. He would buy a 3 lbs box of my favorite .. the open oyster!!!

Good Luck ladies, and don’t necessarily wait for Valentine’s day to come to you! Celebrate yourself.