Printed Denim – Love or Hate?

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Printed Denim?

MOTHER LOOKER Print (tulips)
Alice & Olivia Yellow Floral Skinnies
J. Brand Tropical Floral Skinnies

Trip or Trend?

It started with bright colored denim, which I must admit I love. Now, we’re moving into prints … cute or no?

just my opinion

I like the expansion of denim, because we’re all so comfortable in it. We know how they fit on us, and we know what to pair it with. So, I’m happy to see more options. I think when you’re picking a print (if you’re picking one at all) – go as crazy or subdued as you feel comfortable. Don’t be talked into a loud print if it’s just not you. You will regret it. Stay true to yourself and your comfort zone and you can’t go wrong.

printed denim for less

Charlotte Russe Floral Skinny
GEO print Forever 21 Denim
Bold Black Floral Print Forever 21

Splatter denim

J. Brand Super Nova


These immediately reminded me of the paint splatter pants I had in the 80’s. It may be because I’ve been watching the Carrie Diaries, and all things 80’s are coming back to me. I loved my paint splatter pants. I was the first to have them in my class (6th grade). My Mom always knew how to keep me on the cutting edge.

This is a pattern I can work with. The florals don’t seem to be doing it for me, but I like this look. What’s your favorite?

flash back

remember when …

It was all about the paint splatter in the 80’s. My sisters and I even found a place in Greenwich Village that would custom paint splatter boots for us. NOBODY had those … it was awesome!