Natori Feathers Bra – Comfort & Beauty?!

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The Constant Search

We have our favorites. The bras we wear everyday, but hope nobody ever sees us wearing. No doubt it’s a nude colored bra that looks like it’s been through the washing machine one too many times. It’s not unlike our favorite underwear. You know, the ones we wear when we think nobody will see us without our clothes on!


To be honest, I’m constantly looking for a comfortable everyday bra that is also pretty. It’s sort of a tall order, because it has to be all things. It has to look good under most clothing, and be comfortable. I like it to be lined, because I don’t want the world to know when I’m cold. I also prefer they not see all my bits through my shirt. The Natori feathers bra is lined but not padded. So, you’re not going to look like you stuffed your bra. It feels natural, it doesn’t feel like an effort. It also comes in some really pretty colors, if you want to go beyond the basic nude, pale grey, or white. Add it to your list to try on the next time you go bra shopping. TIP: You will need to go up a cup size.


Natori Feathers Bra