what hue are you?

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Blue Suede Shoes

Shades of Blue

This shade will always remind me of my mother. She’s an incredibly structured dresser, who also knows what shades make her skin and eyes look brilliant. People are always talking about having their colors done, or how someone once told them ‘that color’ was perfect for them. I think it’s more about what color you gravitate toward. I’m naturally drawn to softer colors. I feel like they soften my harsh edges. There isn’t a person in the world who could convince me that red is my color. It may be, but I feel horrible in it. So … it doesn’t matter how good it looks on me. Dressing is 90% about how you feel in the outfit, color, etc.

If you’re wondering what colors are for you, ask yourself what colors you are most drawn to. I think you will find your answer in that. Trust yourself XO