Yosi Samra – tried = obsessed!

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Yosi Samra

Just My opinion

The fact that these babies fold up, so you can pop them in your bag, is really just an after-thought for me. I walked into a store recently and saw a bunch of women grabbing at these flats. I glanced at them, and thought “I don’t need another fold-up pair of flats” I already have my one emergency pair.

For whatever the reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. What was all the fuss? So, I went back to check them out. I decided to try a pair on. I normally find the flats with the elastic band uncomfortable, but these were like butter. They literally fell like you’re wearing socks. They are very cushy and flexible. AND … that’s coming from someone who has the most finicky feet in the world.

Yosi picks

As a person who doesn’t really own many pairs of flats, I actually bought these. I’m normally a boot, wedge, or high-heel kind of girl. I just have never found a flat that doesn’t make me feel frumpy. The Yosi Samra’s have a more modern feel. I’m betting they will look great with everything from skinny jeans, shorts, and maybe a sun dress. The price is right too – the rounded toe runs from $65-80 – depending on material. The loafer pair run around $127.
Psst … they round toe runs small. I went a half a size up. The loafer runs big – go a half a size down.

My Picks

Yosi Samra
Yosi Samra snakeskin
Yosi Samra nude with metallic cap-toe
Yosi Samra nude
Yosi Samra Muted metallic