The Goods – Merry Christmas!

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My eyes burned with every blink this morning, I barely slept last night. It’s my first Christmas without my boys, and it’s just not the same without the sound of children screaming through their gifts. Yet another painful part of divorce … the inevitable splitting of the kids over the holidays. I rolled back over, planning to sleep my way through the entire day. Suddenly, three dogs bounced into my bed, and my husband hovered over me with a steaming cup of fresh coffee from Starbucks. Thank god for that, or I would have been bedridden the entire day watching Kramer vs. Kramer and other tear inducing films.

We agreed …

To enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts, because in three days we would be overrun by 5 children once again. We slowly made or way into the den, set a fire, turned on the Christmas tree lights, and enjoyed our coffee. Within minutes a few of the kids had texted, they were eager to share what Santa had brought them. Everyone seemed happy, and that’s really all we care about. So, we ripped into our own gifts ….

What he got

Brooks Brothers Robe
J. Crew Lavender Sweater
Nordstrom Shirt – to go with sweater
Framed Pic of his beautiful wife for his office :)
Brooks Brother’s Dopp Kit

My goods

Jammies – my favorite J. Crew vintage style
Chanel Brooch
Wedding album
Starbucks gift card!!!

My sister Kathy got me the J. Crew bracelet that I have been swooning over!!!

My sister Carolyn got me Ugg – type boots that I can actually wear out of the house!!


A little breakfast casserole, and pancake gift basket from from Mrs. Gudmundsson.

Barista at home

My boys gave me a Verismo from Starbucks

And the dogs …

They got beds, toys, and bones! While I love the Harry Barker beds, I decided not to go for it. You see, inevitably one of them gets sick ALL OVER the beds in the middle of the night. So, I went with the Martha Stewart beds from Petsmart. They are VERY soft, and feel very substantial. A must!

Snow in Dallas

You would never guess that there would be snow here in Dallas. Especially since it has been unusually warm the past few weeks. I LOVE the snow!!!!!