Beaded Peter Pan Collars – all price points

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Peter Pan Beaded Collars

DANNIJO Beaded Collar – $600


You know it’s a trend when you can get it at every crazy price point! Peter Pan beaded collars are everywhere right now. The range is from $700 – $12.

When I see these bejeweled collars in stores, I’m drawn to them. I just don’t think it fits my style. I would struggle way too much to make it work, and it would feel wrong. I envision it on someone like Zooey Deschanel … kinda quirky style. It has an Anthropologie-esque look. Like something our Grandmothers would have worn, and if we had known enough to save it, we would love it that much more.

Zooey Style

Collars look for less

Look for less

Z Design Beaded Peter Pan Collar – $28
TopShop Necklace – $28
Dorothy Perkins Beaded Peter Pan Collar Necklace – $29