after midnight … I’m in paris

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Paris PLS

Get Away

My nose has been stuffed and drippy for more than a month, my head aches, my stomach is sore from working out too much – too soon after my surgery, I haven’t slept in my bedroom alone with my husband in over a week, I have between 5-7 children running around the house at any given time (and I’m never really sure which 2 are mine), I’ve done over a dozen loads of laundry, bent over to pick up crap left around the house a zillion times, gone to the grocery store everyday and sometimes twice a day, and it’s only day 3 of our 10 day Thanksgiving family vacation. How is one supposed to be inspired, or fabulous in this environment? PARIS PLEASE! :)

Paris Please

Do you blame me?

When I shut my eyes at night, all I can dream about is fabulous fashion exploits in Paris. I’m dying to slurp some unbelievably rich hot chocolate, crunch on a croissant, and sit in a cafe. Maybe someday, but it certainly won’t be today … or tomorrow … or any day soon … (She falls onto the bed in dismay as the realization hits her.) I guess this trip will have to live inside my dreams for now!