Plus Size Skinnies

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Plus Size in Color

in color

Curvy girls can have fun with bright colored skinnies too. Skinny jeans used to be reserved for the super skinny bitches with zero body fat. Not any more! They’re finally being cut to fit more body types.

how to wear?

It’s all about balancing out the curves. Don’t go tight on top. Go for a more fluid tank, tee, or blouse. Depending on your height and size – consider a longer top. You’ll know when you look in the mirror if your top should be longer … if you feel like it’s too bright on bottom – go longer. But don’t go so long that it looks like you’re wearing a dress. Balance.

P.S. If you find you’re working too hard at this trend – then move on to something else. There are plenty of great looks to show off your amazing bod!