leg warmers then & now

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she’s a maniac

Who can forget Jennifer Beals running around in a leotard and leg warmers “dancing like she’s never danced before…”?

I may have danced around my bedroom in a similar ensemble trying desperately to look like her. I’m not fully admitting to it, I’m just saying it MIGHT have happened.

leg warmer trends

leg warmers return

Like all trends that have an impact, leg warmers are back. This time, we’re seeing them with shorts, skirts, layered with boots, on top of leggings, skinny jeans, and tights.

leg warmers trend

my way

I’ll probably wear them with boots, like in the picture above. I really love how they look with skirts, but I think I’m too old for that look. We’ll see, I’m going to play with it a bit. How will you wear them… if at all?