clothing that inspired a room

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the inspiration


Every time I put on this color, I feel alive. It’s soothing, vibrant, and has the power to lift my mood instantly. It’s not all turquoise though, I’m specific about it.

the process

When I started the process of decorating my office, turquoise kept coming to mind.

How can I incorporate this color without overwhelming?

I hit the design blogs to find answers, and I found plenty!!
House of Turquoise
Are you kidding?
It was perfect, too good to be true.

my desk

The zebra rug makes the room youthful, and funky. I love that element!

my view

I wanted to have a beautiful view from every angle. On my left is a big window that I can watch people, birds, and kids running around. Straight ahead – my favorite Vogue covers from years past. To my right – my inspiration board and some other pictures that I adore.

my assistant’s desk

keep calm and carry on

Currently, my assistant comes in the form of 4 foot terror whose convinced this is his office. He doesn’t do a thing I ask, he’s constantly interrupting me to show what his puffle is doing, and he’s the one barking the orders. A real Miranda Priestly in the making. I put my foot down when he tries to hang Transformer posters in “our office”!!!

what lies beneath

the daily dirt

See you tomorrow xoxo