trend alert – textured tights for Spring

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textured tights

spring stockings

I’m usually not a stocking kind of girl, but I don’t mind the look of a textured stocking in a light color. Well, that’s what Spring is calling for.

arrow pattern

Psst… these are my new shoes.

When I saw these, I figured I could work with them. I have trouble with fishnet stockings, I have a notion in my head that they are meant for street-walkers. Although, I’ve recently seen them in a light color, and they look smashing! I didn’t get “whore” from them at all.

texture to work

Textured tights and stockings can definately make an appearnce at work, but be careful.

  • Keep it simple
  • Don’t go too short on the dress or skirt
  • Keep the pattern playful
  • Simply DON’T if you work on Wall Street

back to work

Come on Jean .. try to look more enthusiastic than that!! :) See you tomorrow xoxo

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  • barchbo

    Love the new shoes! They look great! And the light-colored tights are so stylish with them – what a cool, easy look!

  • Messageb

    hi – what should I wear if I do work on Wall Street?! :) thanks

  • Jean Voute

    Keep it conservative. It’s always been a boy’s club, and they won’t take you seriously if you’re dressed too sexy, funky, or provocative. Think – pencil skirts with blouses, pant suits, fitted sheath dress. You can show your figure as long as all your parts are covered appropriately.