I’m still desperately seeking susan!

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seeking susan

Obsessed! By the time Desperately Seeking Susan came out, I was already a huge Madonna fan. I absolutely loved the way she dressed. It was so different, so risky, and SO cool. My mom would NEVER let me leave the house looking like that. The truth is, I was never brave enough to do it either. So, I would dance around my room in lace leggings and cut-off shirts. I was “desperate” to get some of the pieces she had in the movie. I found a copy of the jacket, but could never find the awesome boots. UNTIL NOW! While I’m less obsessed with Madonna’s style, I’m not sure I can turn away from the Jimmy Choo interpretation of the boot. Truly, Madonna has never been as edgy and fresh as she was at the time Desperately Seeking Susan came out. She tries, lord knows she tries! Even now, I see pictures of her from that time, and I want to become her. It was ‘in your face’ individual style. I can’t help but be drawn to that.

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  • http://blog.whimsyworldwide.com susanmcneill

    Didn't we all want to act like Madonna when we were kids?! Truly groundbreaking style.

  • klabuski

    She makes me think of the 80s version of Carrie Bradshaw. So fashion forward and risky, but SO fabulous!

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  • http://superqueen.wordpress.com/ Terry

    I totally agree with you. At the time I was obsessed with her black bracelets, with the short jacket and the earrings she wore in Desperately Seeking Susan. I'd wear like her in that movie if I had the chance to find the exact pieces she was wearing.

  • http://www.casinoenlignes.org/ Casino

    Love this shoes like madonna style !! Agree totally

  • barchbo

    My sister had a carbon-copy of that jacket – Contempo Casuals, baby! What would my teen years have been like without Contempo?! Such a gem.

  • http://charles-charlesincharge.blogspot.com/ charles

    i agree and omg do i want a copy of that jacket to wear now =(!!!

  • http://theunlikelyhousewife.com Elisa

    Those boots are fantastic! I was 8 1/2 when the movie came out so I never really got to dress up like Madonna (and believe me, I wasn't happy about that), and I'm not one to relive 80s trends, but those boots… I absolutely LOVE them.

  • spitboy

    When I saw these boots I died. Then I died again when I saw the price. The reality is that I have been looking for a pair like hers from the movie ever since I was 11 years old (when it came out) and I had a life-sized poster of her on my wall. (And my mom DID let me dress like her: rubber bracelets, chain necklaces, net tank top, belly showing, frosted curls….) I will pray these go on sale!

  • http://styleobserver.com Jean V. Pratt

    I know .. they're expensive! BUT they will go on sale – I'm sure.

  • Lola

    Hi there,

    Looknig for the jacket and/or the boots. If you have any links or know how I can find them pls let me know!

  • wench

    i saw the jacket (reproduction) available just recently on some website…..but for the life of me cant remember or find it!

  • ubiremea

    Lets face it Madonna was is and will always be an amazing artist , able to keep up with the changing times and always reinventing herself with something new , i am a huge fan have a Rubber Bracelets collection from all her concerts

  • http://www.wristbandsnow.com/ Rubber bracelets

    its good to give a gift like this one this coming christmas.

  • http://www.wristbandsnow.com/ Rubber bracelets

    its good to give a gift like this one this coming christmas.

  • L. Suzanne Stockman

    Want no more. 2010 is your year. Here it is, although perhaps even harder to come by: Isabel Marant's Otway boot


  • rubberwristbands

    Beautiful boots,i like this.

  • Nickie

    I have an origianl seeking susan jacket. do you know if anyone would be interested in buying? nickie

  • Nickie

    i have an orginial jacket i would like to sell! anyone know what i could get for it?

  • Kateyelane

    How much would you want for it?

  • Marya Dawn


    I also have the jacket. Mine is a size Small. I’ve seen them listed online for $600-$900 depending on the condition. I am selling mine now, though I love it and hate to part with it.


  • Adam Valentino

    I totally agree with you.
    That’s what initially drew me to her.

  • ClassicBlue

    I’d splurge on that jacket. Where can I find it??????