I’m still desperately seeking susan!

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seeking susan

Obsessed! By the time Desperately Seeking Susan came out, I was already a huge Madonna fan. I absolutely loved the way she dressed. It was so different, so risky, and SO cool. My mom would NEVER let me leave the house looking like that. The truth is, I was never brave enough to do it either. So, I would dance around my room in lace leggings and cut-off shirts. I was “desperate” to get some of the pieces she had in the movie. I found a copy of the jacket, but could never find the awesome boots. UNTIL NOW! While I’m less obsessed with Madonna’s style, I’m not sure I can turn away from the Jimmy Choo interpretation of the boot. Truly, Madonna has never been as edgy and fresh as she was at the time Desperately Seeking Susan came out. She tries, lord knows she tries! Even now, I see pictures of her from that time, and I want to become her. It was ‘in your face’ individual style. I can’t help but be drawn to that.