Louis Vuitton goes quilted

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Hi, my name is Jean and I’m a Louis Vuitton addict. Ok, I admit it … I love Louis! It’s not necessarily an obsession, just love and respect. So, what is it about LV that I love so much? I think it’s the same reason I adore Godiva. Yes, there are better and fancier chocolates on the market, but it’s rich texture melts in my mouth and I’m hooked every time. LV represents luxury, sheer indulgence, and a reliable product. I have had some of my LV bags for over 20 years, and they are still going strong. The true test for whether its worth the money is how well it holds up. I’m hard on my bags, they have to be able to take the heat. They do. That’s why I’m true to Louis Vuitton, it’s a bag I can rely on. Oh yeah… and they’re pretty! Especially some of the new designs that have been popping up, like last year’s Manhattan bag designed by Marc Jacobs, and now the Etoile Collection. The price tag on the new collection is no joke, and in this economy most of us will have to admire from afar. That’s not going to stop me from putting it on my Christmas list … A Girl’s gotta dream! So ladies, what’s your addiction?

some LV’s to obsess admire:

  • Monogram Canvas Etoile Shopper @ eLuxury
  • Monogram Canvas Etoile Bowling Bag @ eLuxury