Members Only liquid leather leggings

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Liquid leather leggings… you’ll practically have to be liquid to pour yourself into these puppies! I’m clearly too old to understand these leggings, or maybe I’m just jealous that I’m too old to wear them. Either way, who’s wearing them… other than rock stars? For that matter, where are they wearing them? Also, what are they wearing them with? Every time I look at a pair of liquid leather leggings I see Olivia Newton John strutting her stuff with John Travolta in Grease (she looked pretty hot in them by the way!) Even then, they were the symbol of “racy” and worn by the girls who moved way too fast. How do we see them now? Are they fashionable or trashy? Will you wear liquid leggings?

if you can pull them off:

  • Members Only Women’s Liquid Leather Leggings @ Bloomingdale’s