catching up with Sex and the City designer Gilles Montezin

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As I crossed the threshold into the seven story townhouse, it was like I walked through the wardrobe into the wonderful world of Narnia. The environment was the most magical I had ever experienced. Gilles is upstairs sewing dresses while Andrew, his partner and concert pianist, plays music that soars through the house. The creative energy that radiates from this place penetrates the soul. It’s no wonder that celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Debra Messing gravitate toward his brilliant designs. There’s an addictive quality to his clothing. The moment you slip into one of his pieces, you’re hooked. The design, the fabric, the detailing, all make for unbelievable synergy. His collection is currently touring the country, but can also be seen on is website: Words do not do Gilles’ designs justice, so we created a video. Enjoy and tell us your thoughts!