sandals from the seventies

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Kork-Ease sandals have literally been pulled from the past, and are current once again. It’s nostalgia that is hard at work here. A brand that had been around since the fifties and became a part of fashion history in the 1970’s. Women who remember the “buffalo sandal” remember them fondly. It triggers good memories from the past, memories we would love to get a taste for once again. It’s a piece of the past we want to share with our daughters, and even granddaughters. I desperately wanted a pair of these sandals, mostly because my three older sisters wore them. That, of course, made them the coolest shoe to have. Even now, I find myself contemplating the purchase, hoping that I could recreate some of the looks they rocked so brilliantly. Well, timing certainly is everything in fashion, and Kork-Ease re-enters the scene at the perfect time. Fashion this spring supports the resurgence of this shoe. High-waisted jeans, belted blousy tops, flared leg pants, and short shorts all lend themselves beautifully to the ‘blast from the past’ buffalo sandal. If you can’t bring yourself to buy the 70’s version, there are a lot of modern versions on the market. Let’s all channel our inner Farrah, and have fun with our travel back in time.